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Australian Pinot Noir Tasting
Perhaps more than any other grape, Pinot Noir expresses the characteristics of the terroir (soils and climate) and the intentions of the winemaker most transparently. In Australia, excellent Pinot Noir hails from Mornington Peninsula, where Kooyong is a leading light, and also Tasmania, ... More

Celebrate 10 years of Ruby Red sale!
Join us in celebrating 10 years of Ruby Red with our best summer sale ever! From now until July 31st we’re offering discounts on some of our best-selling and most famous wines. Prices start at just 40RMB and some wines are even discounted by up to 60%! ...More

Beyond Burgundy – Tasting a World of Pinot Noir
The finest red wines from Burgundy have set the standard for the rest of the world’s Pinot Noir. At their best, Burgundy wines are aromatically complex, silky, and seductive with their inviting, earthy, vividly fruity flavors. ... More

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