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Chateau de Seuil Tasting
From the elegant 19th century chateau a huge stretch of tree lined lawn slopes gently down to the Garonne River. In summer the family dines outside at the large table on this lawn, while behind them and to the sides the surrounding vines rustle in the evening breeze. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect piece of paradise anywhere. .... More

Tomatin Whisky
Located 16 miles south of Inverness right on the border of the Highland and Speyside whisky regions, is Tomatin Distillery (situated on the Highlands side).  It is 315 metres about sea level and is one of the highest distilleries in the Scotland. ... More

Burgundy Master Class—The Winemaker’s Influence
A winemaker’s touch can greatly affect the final flavors of a wine. It’s quite easy to understand how the flavors of a single grape varietal can be vastly different depending on differences in a region’s terroir, but how well do you understand the different processes carried out in the winery that also influence the characteristics of the final wine? Aging wine in oak is perhaps the most well known wine making technique but there are many more..... More

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