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Aged Australian wines tasting
Most people wouldn’t think of Australia when considering aged wines. With so many wines being produced at the cheaper end of the market and wines designed to be consumed within the first 2 years after release, it’s easy to overlook the small percentage of winemakers who are... More
Chateau Ducru Beaucaillou Tasting
The word beaucaillou means 'beautiful stone', and is a nod to the multi-coloured pebbles found throughout the vineyards here, while Ducru was added to the property’s name in 1795 when it was bought by Bernard Ducru. The time he spent ... More
Domaine Arlaud Clos de la Roche Vertical Tasting
Domaine Arlaud Pere & Fils was created by Joseph Arlaud, in theyears after World War II, when he brought his original 0.2 hectares of vines from the prices of a cow. These days the domaine is run by brothers Cyprien, since 1998, and Romain ...More

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