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Neudorf Nelson Chardonnay
Neudorf is undoubtedly one of our favourite New Zealand wineries, and the fact that it maintains a relatively low profile seems to only add to its appeal. There's a lot to like about a winery that lets it wines do the talking, particularly when they are of the class of Neudorf's offerings. More
Discover Oregon Wines
How much do you know about Oregon? Located on the Northwest Pacific Coast of the US, it’s an incredibly beautiful State, where you’ll find everything from quaint seaside towns to dramatic volcanos, scenic bikeways and hikes alongside rivers, through forests and over mountains... More
Domaine Robert Groffier Tasting
“Each and every wine at this Domaine was a first-rate example of its terroir, from the Bourgogne to the Grand Crus. The meticulous work of Serge Groffier (Robert’s son) in the vineyards is evidenced by each glass of nectar from this well-known and certainly soon-to-be-famous domaine. ” More

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